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Spirometry: Lung Function Test

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Spirometry is a quick and painless procedure to measure the amount of air that can be stored and kept in the lugs (air volume) as well as the speed the lung air shifts (air flow). It can be estimated if the lungs show obstruction to the air flow.

Spirometry Usufulness

Espirometro Doctor BarceloIt is a simple procedure giving information to the physician on lung function. It is a great aid in the diagnostic procedure of respiratory diseases with difficult breathing, as asthma and smoker’s chronic bronchitis. It may be of help in situations with cough, wheezing or shortness of breath

Spirometry types

Respiratory Testing we can do at the Clinic

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  • Simple Spirometry: blowing the air as much time as possible.
  • Forced Spirometry: blowing maximun air quantity in the less possible time. It is the most useful technique.


The Bronchodilation test includes both a normal (basal) spirometry and another one few minutes later,  after giving the patient a bronchodilator inhaler,. The objective is to check the changes in lung volumes afther the broncodilater inhaler. It is useful in asthma diagnosis.

[quote align=»center» color=»blue»]Spirometries can be made to children 5 years or older

How to make it: the procedure

In our clinic we use the spirometer with a disposable mouthpiece and connected to the computer.

The computer software helps the patient with an entertaining visual aid: an animated cartoon encourages the patient to make as much effort as possible.

The link to the computer allows the storage of the patient’s data and results, as well as individual printouts. A follow-up may be done checking the changes in different seasons of the year.


Images: MIR Medical International Research

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