Alergias y Vitamina D

Vitamin D and Allergy

High vitamin D levels during pregnancy and birth could be related with a higer risk of food allergy in kids during the first two years of life, according to a recent study of the prestigious scientific magazine Allergy.

Alergias y Vitamina D

Vitamin D excess could lead to higher food allergy risk

Over 400 mothers and children were measured their vitamin D blood levels as well as an special subtype of white blood cell (T regulatory cells) in the umbilical cord.

Where vitamin D levels were high, it was associated with increased risk of food allergy during the two first childre years of life.

Vitamin D: no more, no less

La vitamina D or cholecalciferol has a ley role on calcium deposit on the bone. It also seems to have an effect on the immune system, because several defense cells (including B and T lymphocytes) show nuclear receptors for vitamin D.

Un imbalanced diet and scarce sun exposition could produce low vitamin D levels and lead to rickets, a bone disease with deformed skull, chest and spine.

According to this research, vitamin D supplements should not be given to pregnant women, because vitamin excessive levels could be associated with a higher risk of food allergy.

Recommended dietary allowances in Europe are around 5 micrograms per day in healthy adults. Food containing higher vitamin D quantities are milk and breakfast cereals fortified with vitamin, as well as fish (tuna fish, salmon and sardines) and eggs.

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Do you take vitamin D supplements?

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