Prioridades en la Investigacion en Alergias

Priorities in Allergy

Prioridades en la Investigacion en AlergiasThe rise in Allergy is a socioeconomic burden in european budgests: yearly cost in asthma in Europe is estimated in €18 billions, and rhinoconjuntivitivis is around 100€ billion.

[quote align=»right» color=»#999999″]30% of europeans suffer rhinitis, 20% asthma and 15% skin allergies

From the citizen point of view, the impact on quality of life may be more than troublesome. Up to a half of rhinitis patient are estimated to have sleep disturbances and suffer depression more frequently.

Contrary to the popular belief, we are not talking of mild diseases, because 20% of the allergic patients suffer serious diseases.


Important items that should be studied

There is an ample field where researchers should emphasize. The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) recommends these basic items:


  1. Why are allergies on the rise? Years ago allergic diseases where rare and nowadays they have become common diseases afecting more than 60 million europeans.
  2. It is not known the natural history of the disease, nor are the mechanisms leading some patients to become spontaneuously desensitized.
  3. Which is the role of microbes and the immune system in the allergic diseases?


[quote align=»center» color=»#blue»]Mollecular diagnosis will replace allergy classic tests… [Read more]

pecial attention should be taken with children allergies because their natural course is usually persistent: the so called «allergic march» is frequently observed. The kids start their allergic course with the developing of eczema, then rhinitis come and finally asthma appears. It is therefore important to get to an early diagnose of the disease.

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