Alertapolen es una aplicacion para moviles y alergias

Pollen count in your cell phone

Alertapolen es una aplicacion para moviles y alergias

A novel application notifies in your mobile phone the are pollen count and warns when the threshold levels are reached.

Spain is the firs european country to benefit from this service, started by the Spanish Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

It is a pioneer application for smartphones that informs the patient on specific pollen counts in the spanish provices of interest to the patient.

When the levels exceed the threshold point, the patient gest instantly a text alarm in his/her mobile phone warning the risk situation in the place where is located. In this way, the allergic patient knows when to avoid outdoor activities and start the medical treatment advised by his/her allergist.

AlertaPolen is promoted by the Spanish Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology with the support of AstraZaneca. It will provide daily updates during May and June, and weekly afterwards. Although Ireland, Germany and the United Kingdom have already similar application avalable, none of them has the alarm system.

The most allergenic and more widely distributed pollen in Spain are both grass and olive trees, as well as parietaria in the mediterranean area. Other pollens of interest are cypress and sycamore (platanus).

Respiratory symptoms in allergic patients are related to atmosphere pollen levels. Thanks to this application the patient will be well informed on the pollen quantity and will be alert on the risk of rhinitis and/or ashtma symptoms.

Dr. Olaguibel, president of the Spanish Society of Allergy tells that the application includes all of the allergenic pollen, with their scientific and ordinary name for the information to reach easily to patients. Plans and trees included are cypress, sycamore (platanus), plantain (plantago), grass, olive tree, russian thisthle (salsola), parietaria and birch.

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