Herramienta mas exacta para la alergia a insectos

More precise diagnostic tool in insect allergy

Herramienta mas exacta para la alergia a insectosStings from Hymenoptera insects such as bees and wasps, can cause severe distress to individuals with venom allergy.

Studies have shown that optimal venom immunotherapy (VIT) improves the safety and well-being of patients by providing effective protection against future anaphylactic reactions.

The correct venom(s) to be used in treatment are selected in each case in accordance with the patient´s reaction to true venom allergens.

In traditional clinical tests many patients with allergy to bee and wasp result positive for venom from both insects, although they show clinical reactions only to one type of substance.

In most cases, such double positivity is due to specific antibodies directed towards Cross-reactive Carbohydrate Determinants (CCDs).

[quote align=»center» color=»#999999″]Making the right decision can be crucial and life saving in cases of insect venom allergy

It is possible to eliminate the problem of double positivity by testing with CCD-free recombinant allergen components. Tests using such components provide more detailed information than usual tests but they can also discriminate whether double positivity is merely the result of CCD-dependent cross-reactivity between venoms.

Speakers at the 2011 Istambul EAACI Congress concluded that both complete venom extracts and recombinant components are necessary for a precise patient assessment in venom allergy.



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