El diagnostico molecular sustitutura a las pruebas de alergia

Mollecular diagnosis will replace allergy classic tests

El diagnostico molecular sustitutura a las pruebas de alergia

The molecular dianosis is based on the detection of the exact biological components that trigger the allergic reactions. It could replace some of the standard allergy tests.

[quote align=»center» color=»#999999″]Standard blood tests cannot be used as the only way to identify the cause of allergy

Exposure tests, skin tests and challenge tests will be replaced by protein detection, as well as the determination of the biological compounds that trigger the allergic reaction, according to experts joined at the International Symposium on Food Allergy organized by the Spanish Allergy Society (SEAIC), recently held in Barcelona.

In food allergy, although the great bulk of reaccions are mediated by specific antibodies, standard laboratory tests (blood tests) cannot be used as the only way to identify the cause of allergy.

The increase of allergic diseases and its severity make it mandatory to use more precise, quick and reliable diagnostic tools.

The detailed research on molecules causing the allergic reaction could lead not only to the source of the disease but also to take more precise diagnostic and treatment decisions.

Molecular diagnosis will allow to use specific allergic proteins and to establish the unique profile of each patient, and not the profile of a group of patients. With this, it will be possible to identify individual and zone sensitization profiles (according to the patient area of living) improving the immunotherapy election

Molecular diagnosis is based on the patient blood analysis and later identification of allergen sensitization to food, pollen, mould, house dust mites and even parasites as anisakis. If ongoing research keep on with the satisfactory results achieved up to date, it could mean the end of the classical diagnostic methods.



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