FActores que modificaran la primavera

Factors contributing to a better or worse Spring

Factores que modificaran la primavera

Not everybody sees warmer weather as good news: allergic patients know they will suffer worsening of their symptoms in this period of the year.

But why how pollen can change its aggressiveness in different years?

Experts point out that pollen is «27 times more allergenic» when in contact con diesel cars fumes»

Factors contributing to pollen behaviour (click to deploy)

Good news is that rain in mid-season will relieve symptoms due to its sweeping effect.

Plants and trees need water during the fall to bloom in spring time. This means that a dry winter and autum will drive to a less-pollen spring season.

Bad news is pollution, increased with the shortage of rain. Diesel exhaust fumes are known to be a factor that rises pollen aggressiveness.

Dry and windy weather helps pollen and mold spores to extend, worsening patient’s symptoms

On warmer winters trees will have an anticipated bloom . If spring fluctuates between cold and hot weather, the plants will grow and release pollen in these hot peaks.

The longer it is, the bigger will be the pollination (and the crops).

Actually it is not possible to forecast how intense the pollen season will be, and that is why is interesting to follow some advices:

  • Go to your allergist before the season to be done the necessary studies. With that you will be able to identify the pollen and allergens causing your symptoms.
  • Regularly check the pollen counts: get them here in Malaga area, thanks to the information of the Vegetal Biology Department of Malaga University and the Andalucia Aerobiology Network.
  • Your allergist will help to avoid the triggers of your allergy, advice the right treatment and plan the immunotherapy (allergy shots to relieve or cure your rhinitis (nose allergy) or asthma (allergy affecting the lungs)).

“You can waste a lot of time, money and energy treating yourself instead of seeing an allergist”, says dr. James Sublett, an allergist and chair of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Immunotherapy (allergy shots) can save up to 40% of the health costs

Image: Polen de Malvacea – Darmouth College

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