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Ever green Cypress

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In recent years cypress allergy has become from being an unknown tree to get pollen levels causing symptoms in allergic patients.

[quote align=»center» color=»#999999″]Cypress polination starts at the end of the winter

There are two main varieties: cupressus arizonica and common cypress (cupressus sempervirens); its latin name comes from the fact that is allways green, and that is the reason to use it as an decorative tree.

It is an elegant tree that can live long time (some are found to more than a thousand years old). Its wood is light and resistant, and it is thought it cannot get rotten and no insect can attack it.

Althought the thought of the cypress bring us to the Italian hills of the Toscana (Florence, Pisa, Siena), in fact it is a mainly Mediterranean tree: Greee, Turkey and Cypruss. Actually the word Cupressus is thought to come from Cypruss. Long time ago there were huge cypress woods in North Africa.

It has an funerary meaning: some think it point to heave and help the souls to rise. It is believed it was consecrate to the God of Death because its roots never sprout once it was cut. The more optimistic put it two cypress at the door of the house to tell travellers this was a welcoming place where food and bed were offered.

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