Declaracion Europea sobre Inmunoterapia con alergenos

European Declaration on Allergen Immunotherapy

Declaracion Europea sobre Inmunoterapia con alergenos

Even though Immunotherapy could be the most rewarding field in terms of return, translational value and European integration, and a field in which Europe is recognised as a worldwide leader, it has not yet received adequate attention from European institutions or research funding bodies.

[quote align=»center» color=»#999999″]»Immunotherapy can free patients from their severe symptoms»


«Immunotherapy can free patients from their severe symptoms. I believe Europe would win a lot by taking advantage of this treatment» said Professor Nikolaos Papadopoulos, EAACI Secretary General. Evaluation and surveillance of the full cost of allergic diseases are still lacking and impaired by the variety of health systems across Europe.

During 2011 we are celebrating the 100 Years of Immunotherapy: one century ago, in 1911, Leonard Noon published in the prestigioous british The Lancet the first original paper describing the use of allergen extract injections to treat hay fever, nowadays known as allergic rhinitis.

European institutions

The European Academy of Allergy would like to call upon Europe’s policy-makers to coordinate actions and improve individual and public health in allergy promoting immunotherapy awareness, updating national healthcare policies to support allergen immunotherapy, prioritising funding for immunotherapy research, monitoring the macroeconomic and health economic parameters of allergy and treamlining medical disciplines and specialties.

The effective implementation of the above policies has the potential for a major positive impact on European Health & Well-Being in the next decade.

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