Ten facts about mites

Ten facts about Mites

Ten facts about Mites

Half of allergic patients suffer mite allergy because this animals are widespread among humid and mild temperature areas.

Ten facts about mites

  1. They are so tiny that a microscope is needed to actually see them: ther are ten time smaller than a regular ant (200 to 400 microns)
  2. Mites are linked to spiders, not to insects, although they have only 4 pairs of legs.
  3. They last from three months (males) to 5 months (females).
  4. 25 to 50 eggs can be laide by a single mite during its lifespan.
  5. 1 dust gram may contain from 100 to 500 mites.
  6. And a mattress may house 2 million of them.
  7. They develop quite easily in environments with high humidity (over 70%) and temperatures at least 20-22°C.
  8. More than 50.000 mites species have been described, but only 8 of them are important in human allergy.
  9. Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, dermatophagoides farinae and blomia tropicalis are considered to be house dust mites.
  10. The other 5 are known as storage mites because they are to be found mainly in warehouses and and barns



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Last updated: april 22nd, 2014

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