Alimentos que producen más alergias

Which Food causes Allergy

Alimentos que producen más alergias

Food that most frequently causes allergy

  • In kids: cow milk, egg and fish.
  • In adults the most frequent food are peanuts and tree nuts, fish and shellfish.


[quote align=»center» color=»#999999″]There is an increasing tendency with tropical fruits (kiwi, papaya) and seeds as sesame due to a higher comsumption and greater accesibility

Food Cross-reactions

The protein responsibles of the food allergy may also be in other food. When a patient reacts to more than one food with the same protein in common, we talk of cross-reaction. A classical example is a cross-reaction between peach and almond (they both belong to the same family: rosaceae)

Allergy to some vegetables may be associated with allergic symptoms to some pollen. The most well-known case is patients with birch or mugwort and symptoms after eating carrot or celery.

Some patients suffering Latex-fruit Syndrome may have problems with vegetables (avocado, banana, kiwi, chestnut, etc).



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