Pruebas de alergia en prick test

Skin Allergy Tests

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Skin Allergy Tests

Skin Allergy tests give a wealth of information about the causes of allergy: once the culprit is found, adequate measures can be taken in order to avoid, control and treat the symptoms.

Pruebas de alergia en prick test

In order to determine the specific causes of the allergies, the allergist, after a careful clinical history taking and examination of the patient will made the necessary allergy study.


[quote align=”center” color=”blue”]At what age can the skin allergy tests be done?
Allergy skin prick tests can be done in adults and children of any age with symptoms suggesting Allergy


Pruebas de alergia en piel


Once the allergens have been identified, a plan to eliminate them (if possible) must be done, as well as the control of the symptoms.



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Types of Allergy Tests

[message_box title=”Prick test” color=”#d7e4f2″]

  • A small quantity of an allergenic extract (normally a drop) is placed on the surface of the skin, usually the arm
  • A minimal puncture is done to introduce the drop in the skin.
  • Results may be obtained in a few minutes
  • The tests can be made either with aeroallergens (pollen, house dust mites), food, drugs, insects and any other allergen requiring confirmation on inmmediate hypersensitivity.
  • Several allergens may be tested at a time.


[message_box title=”Patch test or Skin Contact Allergy Test” color=”#d7e4f2″]

  • They are useful for substances able to sensitize the patient  in his/her private life or in the industrial setting.
  • Common causes are nickel and cobalt, perfums, cosmetics, essences or dyes.
  • The allergens are placed into contact with the skin during 48-72 hours.
  • After that period of time the doctor check the skin to see the result.


[message_box title=”Intradermal Skin Test” color=”#d7e4f2″]

  • A small quantity of the allergen is placed inside the skin
  • The allergist watches the reaction in the next minutes.
  • It is used in several circumstances, as stinging insects allergy (wasps and bees) and drug allergy.


[message_box title=”Prick to prick Test” color=”#d7e4f2″]

  • Fresh elements, as food, are used.


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