Wine allergy in cow milk allergic patients

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Alergia al vino y a la leche

In a recent study carried on in Greece, researchers asessed wether wines fined with potentially allergenic proteins can elicit allergic reactions in allergic patients.

In-house wines fined with different concentrations of casein, egg albumin and isinglass were studied

European legislators and wine producers debate on the requirement for labeling of wines fined with potentially allergenic food proteins (casein, egg white or fish-derived isinglass).

In-house wines with known concentrations of casein, egg albumin and isinglass were studied. Although fining agents were not detectable in wines with the available laboratory methods, positive allergy skin tests were observed in the majority of patients with allergy to milk, egg or fish, correlating with the concentration of the fining agent. Reported reactions were few and mild.

Casein used in the clarification in winemaking involves the removal of suspended materials. In white wine the clarificant used is usualle casein, whereas egg white is used with red wine and animal blood albumin (lamb, veal) in rosé wine. Egg albumin also enhaces the flavour and taste of the red wine.

Authors conclude that traces of casein, isinglass or egg remaining in wine after fining present a very low risk for the respective food allergic consumers.


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