Medidas para evitar los acaros en la casa

Tips For Avoiding Dust Mites

Medidas para evitar los acaros en la casa

At home

  • Air the house in a daily basis.
  • Low temperature and dry conditions make mites breeding slower.
  • Avoid humidity at home easing air circulation. Humidifiers are not recommended.
  • Clean preferably with a vacuum cleaner and best if it has HEPA filter. Check regularly the filter.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner at least once per week.
  • Clean the dust at home with a wet cloth
  • Brooms are less efective than vacuum cleaners.
  • Try to avoid hairy or feather animals at home: they can accumulate dust.
  • Try to keep away from smoke and fumes, strong odours (chemical products, hairsprays, wax, polish, sprays and atomisers). Also try to avoid every airway irritant.
  • The paient should not be present in case of moving, home job or painting.
  • Weeklends and holidays: clean and air the house before the allergic patient gets in.

Living Room

  • Avoid using carpets, thick curtains and upholstery
  • It it is best to use washable rugs.
  • Plain and simple furniture is prefered: even surfaces, like metal, accumulate less dust.

Los dormitorios pueden acumular ácaros del polvo

Sleeping room

  • Matress and bed are places where a high concentration of mites may be found.
  • Change frequently the sheets, mattress cover, pillows and pyjamas.
  • Tye to avoid wool blankets and feather duvets.
  • Use long and high temperature (130ºF / 55ºC) cycles in the washing machine. Try to clean them weekly.
  • Dust mite covers and encasings are barrier methods that may lower the contact with the mites.
  • Air the sleeping room every morning: keep windows open.
  • Make the bed once the room is aired.
  • Try to avoid dampness in the room.
  • Fluffy and stuffed toys may accumulate dust, as books and class notes.
  • Keep clear the books of the shelves.
  • Clothes keeped for a long time may accumulate dust.
  • Keep the garment in closed wardrobes, best if in plastic bags.
  • Do not put wet clothing in the closet.
  • At the begining of the season, wash beforehand the warm clothing.

If you are allergic to storage mites:

  • Try not to be in grain, flour or animal food warehouses.
  • A high concentration of storage mites may be found in nuts, meat, dry fish, cheese or egg storehouses.


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