Medidas para evitar el polen

Fight pollen with these tips

Medidas para evitar el polenIf you suffer tree or grass pollen allergy (hay fever), you will notice your symtoms during certain seasons of the year.

Springtime is usually the worst period, but sometimes you may notice your symptoms during the summer or autum, depending on the tree or weed you are allergic to.

[quote align=»left» color=»#999999″]You do not need to live in the country side to suffer pollen allergy.

The most harmful pollen grains are the light ones, easily airborne to great distances. That is the reason of more intense symptoms in windy days.

Pollen survival guide

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  • You should know which type of pollen allergy you suffer and the season of the year with higher counts.
  • Normally the concentration of pollen is lower inside the buildings and close to the sea. Try to be within the house when pollen levels are high.
  • Try to use filters in your air conditioning machines.
  • Keep windows closed in your bedroom at night. Air your room during the morning.
  • Try not to hang or dry the clothing and sheets outside during the pollen season: grains may get trapped in the clothes.
  • If you travel by car, you should close the windows of the vehicle. Turn on the air conditioning.
  • Do not go outside (cycling, motorbikes, etc) during the pollen season, especially in windy or dry days.

Las gafas de sol pueden proteger del polen


  • Avoid cutting grass or lying on it. Parks, gardens and places with vegetation are not advisable during the season.
  • The early hours (more pollen grains) and late in the evenings (pollen descending) are the hours with higher concentration of pollen: avoid outdoor activities at that time.
  • Use a mask and sun glasses if you have to go outside or during the windy days.
  • Consider if you can vacation during the peak pollination days. Travel if  possible to low pollen areas (as the beach).
  • Pollen calendar changes with latitude and height. If you use to go to the mountains, keep in mind that grass bloom somehow later .
  • In northern Spain or the rest of Europe pollen levels may keep high longer than springtime. Take with you the prescribed treatment and ask for information on pollen counts.



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