Medidas utilies si tiene alergias a animales

Pet Allergy Measures

Medidas utilies si tiene alergias a animalesAlthough it is not always possible (think in professional contact: vets, pet shops), the logical conclusion when treating pet allergies is animal avoidance.

Some dog breeds are labelled as «hypoallergenic» meaning they produce less allergy. Unfortunately this is only a myth: there is no dog or cat breed less «allergenic».

Even hairless dogs ans cats still produce in their body the protein responsible of the allergy: we can find it in the saliva, skin flakes or in the urine.

Measures if you suffer pet Allergy

Qué hacer si se tiene alergia a animales[list type=»check»]

  • Keept it oudoors in case you can’t avoid getting in touch with it.
  • Don’t let the pet enter in your bedroom: make this room a pet-free place. Keep the doors closed.
  • The animal dander may accumulate in pillows, worsening your allergy symptoms at night.
  • Get a basket or bed for your pet and do not allow he/she to lie on the carpets or upholstery.
  • Weekly wash your pet, clothes and basket. It should be done by someone not suffering allergies. Clean thoroughly your hands and change your clothes after the weekly wash.
  • The pet should remain in a house area, away from rugs, carpets and curtains.
  • If the pet gets into the car, cover the seats and wash it often.
  • Carpets and furniture may keep during several months the allergy culprit protein after the pet is removed from the house. Up to six months may take to completely get rid of the remainder.


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