Como evitar las alergias a los hongos

Mould and Fungi Allergy Tips

Como evitar las alergias a los hongosMold spores are microscopic (they are not visible to the naked eye) and they resist heat and cold.

They wander in the air (as pollen grains do) and travel with the wind flow.

Outdoor fungal spore counts start to rise when the good weather begins, reaching peak levels during spring and summer time. Depending on the area, significant counts may be found all year roud.


While outodoors you should avoid:

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  • Outdoors phisical activity (sports, work, leisure) rise the exposition risk, mainly at cereal crops, cut grass and wooden areas.
  • Abandoned farming fields may have higher mold levles: up to ten or twenty-fold.
  • Cereal handling (crop, thresh and packing) create intense spores clouds.
  • The same may be applied to manipulation of fertilizers, grains, leaves, peat moss, straw huts and dead or dry plants (green houses)
  • Try to avoid rotten or dead vegetation accumulation outside your house.
  • Floor dust brings plenty of spores if raised, mainly at dark soils.
  • Mould levels rise after the rainfall and in damp areas.
  • You should not go to the countryside in humid or rainy days.


Tips if you are inside

La humedad favorece el crecimiento de hongos[list type=»check»]

  • Avoid storage areas (fruit, bread, vegetables), rubbish and dirty upholstery
  • Keep clear of wool and cattle hair.
  • Cotton, wallpaper, wall cork (especially if humid) and foam rubber may accumulate spores.
  • Stay away of damp houses with cold walls, humid, dark and not aired surfaces.
  • Bathrooms and under the sink are preferred sites for the moulds.
  • Basemets with leakage, windowsill, bathroom curtains and fittings should always kept in mind.
  • Potential mould sources are humidifiers, air conditioning and bin containers.
  • Try to fix leakages and water filtrations.
  • Try to air the rooms and lower humidity as much as possible indoors. Air conditioning provided with filters may reduce humidity levels.
  • Do not keep humid clothes or shoes in the wardrobes or lacking air circulation.
  • Food kept outside the fridge for a long time may accumulate spores. Empty your trash regularly.
  • Indoor plants may accumulate moulds.
  • Open the bathroom window after your daily washing to ease dampness circulation.
  • Try to keep away carpets in bathrooms and basements. Clean mouldy surfaces (shower corners, under the sink).
  • Bleach is advised to clean the kitchen and your bathroom. Do not use steam machines for cleaning. Antifungal paints are widely availaible in shops.


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