Medidas útiles para los alérgicos a insectos

Stinging Insect Allergy Tips

Medidas útiles para los alérgicos a insectos


Redden, swollen and itchy skin are common and normal in the site of the sting if you get attacked by an insect.


Allergy symptoms indicate that the immune system is reacting against the insect’s venom.


Please kkep in mind the following tips if you are allergic to any insect:

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  • If a bee or wasp gets close to you, do not walk, run away or make sudden movements. Keep quiet and calm.
  • Try not to get close to rubbish and bin containers.
  • Sugary liquids, sodas, ice creams and food in general may attract bees and wasps.
  • Dno not manipulate fruit or food while you are outdoors.
  • Always wear shoes, especially if you are in the countryside, in vegetation areas or outside your house.
  • You should not do gardening, tree crop or cut the grass, especially during springtime.
  • Intense colour clothing may attract the insects: avoid bright colours.
  • While you are outdoors, do not use perfumes or scented hairsprays.
  • Be cautious when doing open-air activities, like jogging, cycling, riding motorbikes or horse. Insects may collide accidentally.
  • Bring with you insect spray in your car. Keep it at hand in your house.
  • Never attactk or disturb bee or wasp nests: be extra careful with children.





Imagen: Waugsberg/Wikimedia Commons

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