Alergia a animales

Pet Allergy

Alergia a animales

Contrary to the popular belief, patients are not really allergic to the hair of the animal, but to a protein located in its saliva, dander or urine.

These proteins are transfered through the air in tiny particles and can land on the eyes, noses or are inhaled to the lungs.

Any animal may cause allergy but cats, dogs and horses are the most frequent animals inducing allergies. Reptiles rarely may cause allergy.

Symptoms start quickly (often in minutes) after being exposed to the animal

Pet Allergy Symptoms

Allergy to pets may cause symptoms in the nose (sneezing, itching, watery nose) or in the eyes (inflammation and itching).

Skin symptoms are also frequently seen if you suffer pet allergy: wheals, reddening or swelling of the skin after touching the animal.
Symptoms usually start quickly afther getting in touch with the animales, sometimes even minutes after. Some patients may notice worsening of the symptoms eight to twelve hours later.


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