Acaro del polvo domestico

House Dust Mite Allergy

Acaro del polvo domestico

House dust mites are one of the commonest indoor allergies all through the world.

They related to spiders (they belong to the Arthropoda family ) and are really tiny (less than 0.3 millimiters), being only visible with the help of a microscope.

They have eight legs and can be either male or females. Most of them lay eggs (are oviparous).

Their excrement contains one gut protein which is responsible of one of the most common causes of all-year-round allergy throughout the world.


Where do dust mites live?

House dust is made up of small vegetal and animal particles where the mites grow. They feed with human skin flakes: its name (dermatophagoides) literally means «skin eaters».

They need a high level of humidity and warm to high temperatures to grow. This conditions can change and the mite levels will fluctuate all through the year, according with the season conditions. It also depends on the geographical areas.

Acaro en el polvo produce alergias

Half-life of mites will change dependieng on the particular species and the environmental conditions. Their lifespan can be from two weeks to five months.


Symptoms of House dust mite Allergy

They are indoor allergens:  this means that sensitized patiens will have their symptoms inside the houses.
Typical symptoms in adults and children are runny nose and blockade (allergic rhinitis), eye symptoms (allergic conjunctivitis) or respiratory symptoms (asthma)

Activities that move the dust (sweeping, cleaning the dust, etc.) makes a dispersal of the particles through the air, easing its inhalation and triggering the symptoms in sensitized patients.

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