Alergia a los hongos Clinica Malaga

Allergy to Mold and Fungi

Alergia a los hongos Clinica Malaga

Molds are microscopic fungi with no leaves or roots but with spores that float in the air like pollen.They can be counted, having an idea of the air level in every moment.

They can be found all year round, everywhere and without an specific season, although weather conditions (wind, rain or temperature) may affect its levels.

[quote align=»center» color=»blue»]»Damp Allergy» is actually an allergy to enviromental mold (mainly their spores)

Mold spores can be found in any season of the year, but they grow easily with humidity, mild temperatures and unstable climate. These are the conditions found at the end of the summer and autum. Nonetheless, they are considered to be perennial allergens.

The most frequent mold found in the air are Alternaria, Cladosporium and Aspergillus.

Allergy symptoms caused by Molds

Aspergillus puede causar alergias

5% of the population are allergic to mold. Alternaria is a well-studied allergen both indoor and outdoors, with a strong relationship to asthma. It can also be the case of other allergic diseases, including allergic Rhinitis and less frequently Atopic dermatitis.
Other allergic diseases related to molds are Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis, allergic mold sinusitis and Hypersenitivity pneumonitis.

[quote align=»center» color=»blue»]Mold Allergy is known centuries ago: in 1726 it was described the case of a breathless patient when he entered in a cellar

Where are the mold?

They can be found in every enviroment: they behave as an indoor and outdoor allergens.
Dampness is important for their growth: they can be located in humid, dark and not-sunny houses. Penthouses, basements, fridges and other areas where food is stored, rubbish, carpets and tapestries.

They can also be found outdoor floating in the air, in flowerpot fresh ground or in rotten wood.


Images: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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