Sinusitis maxilar


Sinusitis maxilarSinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses. Viruses (common cold) and allergy may cause an excess in mucus production and block the way out of the sinuses.

What are the paranasal sinuses?

Sinuses are empty cavities full of air located around the nose: in the forehead (frontal sinuses),both sides (maxilar sinuses) and behind the nose (sfenoid and ethmoidal sinuses).

Their function lies in the breathing process, as well as speech and olfactory system.

Sinusitis Symptoms you may notice

  • Headache or a pressure feeling above or behind the eyes or cheeks.
  • Thick mucus drainage.
  • Nasal blockade feeling.
  • Cough worsening at night.

If you have a kid, you may suspect a sinusitis if:

  • He or she had a cold, got better and it came back.
  • Runny nose with or without cough lasting longer than 10 days.


Image: Alex Khimich/Wikimedia

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