Angiodema en la cara de un niño


Angioedema o hinchazón de la pielAngioedema is a disease with swelling of the deepest skin layers (dermis).

It is more common in delicate and sensitive areas of the body: lips, eyelids or genitals skin. It can get to be very agressive and deform the face of the patient.

In the past it was known as Quincke´s edema or angioneurotic edema because it was thought it was related only with stress or emotional trauma. Nowadays these terms are no longer used.

[quote align=»left» color=»blue»]If the guts are affected it can be mistaken by an acute appendicitis

Patients suffering angioedema can also have hives oubreaks (urticaria), but not as a rule.

Itch is not a common feature, although affected patients may relate a tingling or «pins and needles» feeling.


 Some angioedema causes

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  • Allergy: angioedema may be another facet of the allergic disease.
  • Drugs as common as pain killers or high blood pressure medication.
  • Hereditary angioedema: a rare diseas produced by a genetic alteration. Other family members may as well suffer the same disease.



Imagenes: Joaquín Martín Lázaro – James Hellman MD/Wikimedia Commons

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