Alergias en los ojos - conjuntivitis

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Alergias en los ojos - conjuntivitisAllergic conjuntivitis is an defense immflamation response of the eye when exposed to substances that trigger allergy.

It usually affect both eyes and does not cause secondary eye complications.

It starts more frequently during the infancy, both in female and male kids. A family allergy background is usually observed.

Some other allergic diseases (rhinitis and/or asthma) may come at the same time.

Causes of allergic conjunctivitis

The most frequent cause is pollen, mainly grass and olive tree. These plants and trees bloom during spring time in the south of Spain (april to june or july) therefore causing seasonal conjunctivitis.

House dust mites, animal dander and moulds are other causes of year-round allergic conjunctivitis.

[quote align=»center» color=»blue»]The conjunctiva is a defense layer that covers the eye

Symptoms in the eye

The main symptom is eye itch, with some patients noticing also itch in the surrounding areas. Watery eyes may be present in up to 90% of the individuals.

Other symptosms present are eyelids swelling as well as conjunctiva inflamation. Secondary infection of the skin round the eye (mainly in kids) may also happen.

Other allergic diseases of the eyes

Although they are not son frequent, vernal queratoconjunctivitis and atopic giant papilar conjunctivitis may also be allergic in origin.

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